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DevOps-Foundation.com is a team of experienced DevOps  certified practitioners & Digital masters. ​

No matter the experience or hierarchy of professionals, one needs a strong foundational knowledge of entire DevOps eco-system to embark on successful DevOps journey, with over decade of collective experience DevOps-Foundation.com will take pride in leading your DevOps career path.​

About DevOps​

DevOps is a set of practices  Automating & Integrating the Software development Process & IT Teams  to build, test & release the software faster  with high reliability.​

DevOps Foundation Course & Certification​


DevOps Foundation is the first level of progressive step IT professionals should embark upon in the journey of DevOps. The age of Digital World needs faster & continuous development, Continuous Testing, Integration with high reliability including Information Security, Agility , Support system & leadership. DevOps Foundation will build a strong fundamental skills & knowledge helping IT professionals to successfully apply the same in IT projects….​

Skills & Knowledge You Acquire in this Program:​

  • DevOps Concepts & Terminology.​
  • Core DevOps Principles.​
  • Key DevOps Practices.​
  • Business & Technology Framework.​
  • Culture, Behaviors & Operating Models.​
  • Automation & Architecting DevOps Toolchains.​
  • Measurements, Metrics & Reporting.​
  • Sharing, Shadowing & Evolving.
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