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Devops Observability Foundation℠ Live online in English.

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Microservices and cloud-native architectures have been goals of many organisations to help increase speed and agility, but as complexity grows, systems become increasingly challenging to build observability best practices.

Observability Foundation introduces a range of best practices for building full-stack observability towards advancing resilience in a distributed ecosystem. These best practices include building meaningful traces across temporal topologies, the impact of DevSecOps and AIOps on observability, and a 360-degree view of building mature observability practices.


With Observability Foundation, you will learn about:

  • Implementing an Observability culture in your organisation
  • Understanding the basic principles of Observability including the Three Pillars and why monitoring alone is not enough
  • Adopting OpenTelemetry standards to help achieve innovation and distributed tracing
  • Implementing full-stack Observability and distributed tracing to enable a DevSecOps culture
  • Understanding levels of the organisational observability maturity to build effective strategies
  • Implementing network, container level Observability

Benefits for Organisations

  • Implementing Observability leads to higher business value, enhanced stability, and reliability of services
  • Improvement in product development, deployment, and operations lifecycle
  • Increased balance between technical investment in reliability and customer experience
  • Homogenous culture and greater synchronization between product, development, and operational teams improving staff morale

Benefits for Individuals

  • Understanding of practical implementation of Observability, traces, spans, and their correct interpretations
  • Designing Observability in services for higher security and reliability
  • Building fault-tolerant distributed ecosystems that can be tested for risks of disaster
  • Building AIOps intelligence in operations using the Observability pipeline
  • Understanding of other roles and contributing towards creating a better workplace culture
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