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The modern business environment demands high velocity of software development & integration processes to release highly reliable software’s faster. Businesses are adopting new development culture in software development process, a culture that emphasizes on constant collaboration & Iterative Improvement throughout development life cycle…​

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DevOps Foundation®


With DevOps, people across the IT organization, working together, enable fast flow, feedback and continuous improvement of planned work into production, while achieving quality, stability, reliability, availability, security and team satisfaction.
1st Way: Continuous Flow
2nd Way: Feedback
3rd Way: Continuous Improvement (Experimenting and Learning)
Cross-function teams focus on business goals. Ops work with Dev. supporting each other to improve flow towards production and monitor results.


Improved release cadence, velocity. throughput. efficiency and stability. quality, security and team satisfaction.

Frequent small releases using continuous integration, testing. delivery, deployments and monitoring reduce lead time, costs and risks.
Agile: Lean Development
ITSM: Processes
Lean: Reduce Waste Value Stream Management: End-to-End

DevOps Skill Demand by the Numbers

Soft Skills

78% of survey respondents said the ability to collaborate and cooperate was a must-have.
only 23% said the ability to problem solve wasn't necessary.
61% voted English language skills to be a must-have.

Technical Skills

55% of respondents perceive cloud to be the most Important must-have technical skill.
84% said experience with Ul, web, and mobile tier services was necessary or nice-to-have.


45% of our survey takers said security best practices are a must-have skill.
57% said mainframe knowledge was optional.
only 17% said big-data knowledge was critical.

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